Plant for the production of spare parts for combines

Website for the combine harvester spare parts factory

One of the largest manufacturers of spare parts for agricultural machinery and other complexes. One of the world market leaders in the production of spare parts for agricultural machinery.

Corporate website

Website for the combine harvester spare parts factory


To develop the design of an online store selling spare parts for combines and household equipment for a dealer of a Belarusian concern with subsequent landing on a cms.  Use the blue color palette. The design can be executed in variants with a shopping cart, the possibility of placing an order and without.


We requested photo products and specifications from the customer, based on these data, we developed several variants of product cards and product pages. We chose the structure for the store accordingly. The store meant retail sales with the possibility of creating large orders.


The design is made in a blue-red palette, elements of Belarusian color were used, photos in the post-processing of uncut fields, the process of threshing wheat. The design was developed for a store selling spare parts from Belarusian-made combines. It was assumed that this was a separate platform from the concern, where there would be a list of goods with a price, the possibility of collecting an order and, of course, delivery. The store was focused on retail. For wholesale buyers, only text information was posted about the possibility of receiving a discount with constant cooperation.

In the first screen, you see a branded red combine harvester on a blue sky background, standing in a yellow field. This concept immediately explains what the site is dedicated to. The color solutions are not chosen by chance. Red-blue-yellow is a set of colors that is used by film directors to emphasize the current moment. The picture of the combine was divided into 4 sectors, when you hover over the sector, a message pops up explaining the repair unit and the spare parts used in it. Agree, a very interesting solution. From the first appearance on the site, the user can immediately go to the node he needs and see the spare parts. Thanks to this, the output of information in the first screen does not interfere with users.

At the request of the customer, capture forms with appropriate graphics were used in the design, encouraging the user to leave their contacts.

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