Manufacture of metal structures

Website for production or factory

A company for the manufacture and installation of metal structures. Produces a unique two-level parking lot, as well as engaged in the construction and provision of services in this area

Corporate website

Development of a website for a metalwork plant


Rebranding. Creating a new brand image. Develop several corporate identity concepts, logo options. Creating attractive models of structures. Increasing the awareness of the organization in the domestic and foreign markets, as well as attracting new investors.


Several variants of the logo were developed to complete the task. Following modern trends, we have preserved and at the same time worked out a new corporate identity in which a strict design was preserved. The user-friendly and intuitive interface of the site was worked out. The blue color of the site was chosen, it is easily perceived by users.


We were approached by an enterprise engaged in the construction of buildings, shopping centers, pre-erected parking lots and structures. We started by auditing the websites of similar enterprises, including those from near and far abroad.  Most of the sites we checked had errors, the bulk of the errors were in the part of the UX design. It was decided that at the design stage this moment would be thoroughly worked out, because the site should immediately be convenient and accessible.

We have prepared a render of 3D models. The video presentations of the company were processed into a dark background of the site. Thanks to the video background, the site immediately after loading looks lively, interactive and shows entry into the “Premium class”. Video presentations are also used in the “About the company” section.

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