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The plant is part of the Association, which is a recognized leader in the field of optical instrumentation.

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Website for the manufacturer of sights and optical devices


Creation of an e-commerce platform for the sale of products on the foreign market. Corporate identity development, conceptually new website design, photo shoot of the company’s product range. Website promotion, expansion of sales markets, search for new partners for long-term cooperation. Development of a multi-currency module for the platform. The module allows you to recalculate the prices of products in automatic mode, depending on the exchange rate and the selected currency.


CMS wordpress is selected, the total number of products does not exceed 2,000.  A new corporate identity was developed, they decided to completely abandon the old one, a color combination was selected, the concept of a new logo was designed and several variants of it were proposed.

A photo session was carried out with a trip to nature to shoot commodity items, take photos live with models and a detailed photo report on some items of optical products.

Implementation of a full-fledged online store, connection of payments, legal advice on store registration, technical support.


The slide projector plant produces up to 5% of optical products from the world trade turnover. According to the tasks set, it was clear that it was necessary to bring the existing brand to the expanses of the Internet and with the existing corporate identity it was impossible.

During further discussion, it was decided to develop a new, dark style, dark and light versions of the logo. The choice fell on a bunch of red and black, dark red and bright green are also used to highlight the accent details of optics. We have prepared models and renderings of product groups and optics models. It was very convenient to work as the graphics were being prepared and collected by us. Thanks to this, it turned out to create interactive compositions that interact with the user.

The site implied the standard functionality of the online store, a personal account was added, online payments were connected, and, at the request of the legislation, erip. After a month, the problem of price regulation arose. The cost of some goods depended on the exchange rate, and we developed a price conversion module depending on the current exchange rate.

When applications from foreign firms began to arrive, proposals were often put forward to show the value of goods in other currencies. The functionality of recalculation of the product price and withdrawal to the user in foreign currency has been added.

As a result of the year: the conversion of both the website and the production as a whole has increased, brand recognition abroad has increased, new foreign sales markets have appeared, including regular wholesale sales.

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