Sex shop

Sex shop store design

Online store for the sale of intimate goods


Order a sex shop website


Develop the design of an online store of intimate goods for a specific cms. Conduct an analysis of product groups. Creating a set of banners, as well as creating banners for promotions on a permanent basis.


We conducted an analysis of competitors and based on the data obtained and the available goods, we compiled a product hierarchy (we received groups and subgroups of goods). We have prepared 3 versions of the prototype of the main page of the site. According to the main prototype, they provided prototypes of the remaining pages and a tree-like structure of the site, taking into account the cms. And at the output we received a well-developed design, in selected colors, a set of banners and all this taking into account the adaptivity (for different resolutions).


A dark version of the site was chosen. Accent colors: black, pink and white. The subject matter is actually very interesting, we tried to present the product carefully and this is clearly visible when working with graphics. It was necessary to attract the client at the same time and not break the law. Let’s say openly, most of the products cannot be shown to persons under 16, Which is constantly mentioned on the pages of the site.

We have developed a set of banners. A block with shares and a form of capture. Everything is in a dark palette, white font, pink accent spots. I had to pick up a certain angle from the models, as in the photo of the magazine “Maxim”.

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