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Food delivery service


Online Food delivery store


Develop a website for food delivery. Availability of online payment, taking into account the delivery region.

Selection of various volumes and sizes of goods. The ability to add or, conversely, exclude ingredients that affect the cost when invoicing. SEO promotion and advertising. Development of a video presentation. Preparation of printed menu and design of printed products


We have received the organization’s product list. We identified competitors and analyzed their work. They indicated weaknesses and points that are worth paying attention to. We created the structure of the future site and developed a prototype based on it. We have developed a unique design taking into account adaptation to various devices, sets of banners, as well as for the mobile version of our own, 6 “packages” of unique food icons were drawn. A system has been developed for the formation of the price “wholesale” as well as the formation of the cost of delivery for various regions (without commission intermediaries). Enabling online payments. Creating a video clip, up to 15s. Correction of the logo.


There was a lot of work ahead, the work was carried out in parallel.

First, we collected the technical task and divided the work into stages.

We chose the color direction and font.

While one team was engaged in the trade list and the development of the structure, the second focused on graphics: banners, icons were drawn, animations were created and a video presentation was being prepared. The third team developed and drew variants of product cards and product pages.

In parallel, a team of programmers wrote modules for working with goods (non-standard functionality) and modules for delivery. The marketing department prepared an analysis of competitors, a list of necessary promotion work, and collected material for advertising campaigns.

As a result, we received a service for ordering and delivering food. We received orders from the first days of the website launch.

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