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Food ordering and delivery website online


Website redesign. Enabling online payments. Transferring the site to another cms.  Saving the output positions after changing the cms. Development of a set of banners. Creating animated, interactive icons.


A more restrained style and a new color of the site were chosen, the logo was slightly changed, according to the new color scheme. A list of urls has been compiled to save them when transferring to a new cms. A telegram bot has been written that duplicates all orders from the site to the group.


We have been working with this customer for more than two years. The old version of the site was made by us on the opencart cms and the design was made with an emphasis on the children’s audience, bright colors and cartoon characters were used. After 1.5 years, we decided to change the target audience, bring the site into a more corporate style, set up online payment taking into account the selected delivery regions.

The structure of the site was known, new pages were added, superfluous ones were removed (they decided to abandon the pizza designer, it is difficult to calculate the cost of the ingredients spent to form the cost). The analysis of competitors was carried out, and more than once.

We approved the new design and moved it to the new cms.

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