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Website of the School of Foreign Languages

Foreign Language training School. At the moment, he can teach more than 12 languages.

Corporate website

The project of the European School of Business teaching foreign Languages


Develop a website for an online school of foreign languages. Bring in new students. Prepare a section for the selection and verification of teachers from different countries. The site should be bright, made in a classic and at the same time soft style, with all this, it should not be strict and “dry”.


A survey was conducted of the students themselves so that they would like to see on the site. This formed the basis of the structure of the site. Thanks to the designer’s non-standard solution, when developing the first screen of the main page of the site, emphasis was placed on attractiveness and at the same time a quick and simple explanation to the user where he “got”. An idea of a school with a broad language direction is immediately created.


The task is unusual, because we need to promote and show not just language teaching, but a school for training specialists in various fields and language areas. A simple explanation to the user that he can take a course of teaching the language he needs at the same time, a teacher of the direction necessary for him will be selected for him. For example, Engineers are taught a special course of technical vocabulary.

The first screen of the site has a unique volumetric slider, you will not find such on other sites.  Then there is an explanation of which languages the school teaches, which specialists it trains. A block with real reviews and photos of specialists who have been trained and received a GCSE certificate.

On the website there is a page in which the courses with the cost are painted. During detailed analysis and analysis, a direct increase in conversion from this page alone was recorded by more than 300%. The village immediately explains to students which direction to go, how long the training will take and what costs it will cost.

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